Message From The Principal

Greenville - Off To A Great Start!

When the red doors opened on September 5th, 558 enthusiastic students entered our school for what promises to be a fantastic year at Greenville! We welcomed 72 new kindergarteners, and 49 students in the older grades. In terms of staff, we have some familiar Greenville faces in new roles, and some former-Seely staffers who have joined our team. A new rotating six-day schedule -- complete with a daily specialized period for support/intervention and music lessons -- is already up and running and we are excited about the targeted learning opportunities this new schedule provides. Many of our classrooms are now outfitted with versatile and flexible furniture, courtesy of both the District and the PTA. These new desks and chairs have been well-received by staff and students alike, as they facilitate instructional flexibility and differentiated learning -- plus they look great! With the first few weeks behind us, we are definitely in the swing of things and off to a great start.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Allen