Principal's Welcome

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2020 School year! We wish that we had opened as we typically do but despite the circumstances under which school has opened this year, we are excited to be open and to welcome our students who are with us in-person or remotely. These are challenging times and our staff, students and families are engaging in learning in ways that none of us have before. In the spring, we were so proud of our entire community as everyone had to quickly adjust to a dramatic change by staying home and learning fully remotely. Now that school is open, we are continuing to adjust and to figure out what approaches are working best and what we can do to improve student learning and growth. Despite the challenges we continue to face, we are emboldened and inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the students and the crinkle of smiles we see in their eyes.

As we move through this unique time, one that will be emblazoned in our memories and will undoubtedly have a long-lasting impact on each and every one of us, our school’s culture and goals remain the same; to cultivate and support the growth of caring, globally aware, well-rounded and academically prepared children. We continue to be thrilled watching our eager students enter the building or log on each day, excited and ready to learn. For our kindergartners, despite this unusual start, there lies ahead a seven-year journey in which they will grow personally, socially and academically. Collaboration between staff, students and members of the community continues to be a hallmark of Greenville School. All members of our tight-knit community are working together to create a warm, supportive, challenging and mutually respectful learning environment. Academically, we are focused on encouraging our students to set and reach high goals with an emphasis on individual development as opposed to arbitrarily set benchmarks. Our teachers remain attentive to ensuring that our students receive instruction designed to prepare them for being world citizens and for advancing in their academic careers. At the same time, our teachers are encouraged to use creative and individualized approaches and to inspire passion about learning – ultimately, creating life-long learners is our primary goal.

Life will return to normal or to some approximation of it, hopefully soon. While there has been loss and this year has been very challenging for everyone, as educators, we are trained to innovate and to look for ways to reach every student and support his/her growth. This has never been more important than it is now. As we move throughout this year, we will continue to work collaboratively to support the children and to ensure that the instructional techniques, emotional supports and technology tools that have been developed this past spring and this year continue to be utilized in the future. We must always approach adversity as a learning opportunity and reflect on how to grow and adapt and how to help our students to do the same. Ours is a strong community and a tight-knit family and these challenging times have strengthened our bond. This too shall pass and we will emerge stronger and smarter for it, working as always, together.

Jennifer Allen